PPC Management

PPC Management
  • PPC or Pay per Click is an Internet Advertising Model which deals with leading the traffic to the website by clicking on an advertisement. This can be done in two ways i.e. either by using one’s own website or using the help of other websites. Using one’s own website an advertisement is created and then the ad is sold to other websites to host that advertisement. It is based on the criteria that every time any visitor clicks on the advertisement on the host website the host website is paid by the advertisers.
    The two main platforms on which these ads are hosted are search engines and content sites. In search engines bidding are done on the basis of keywords which are relevant keeping in mind the target audience and market. In contrary in the case of content sites they do not bid but they have fixed costs for hosting advertisements on their sites.
    The advertisements that appear on websites that utilize PPC management services are known as sponsored ads which occur whenever a keyword is matched with the advertiser’s keywords.
    PPC marketing offers many benefits as compared to other marketing strategies. Some of the benefits are as follows:
  • Pay per click is the easiest way of building a strong customer base as it creates a very strong online visibility.
  • The biggest advantage of pay per click is that the advertiser is required to pay only for the amount of clicks an ad receives and not for the time it is on the host site which means it is time independent.
  • Pay per click marketing also increases ROI i.e. Return of Investment drastically.

Apart from all these above mentioned advantages there are also some processes that PPC marketing follows for effective marketing and also to increase the customer base.

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