On Page Activity

On Page Activity
  • On Page: On-Page Optimization is a process that deals with all the intricate details of the structure and the content on the website itself that influence search engine rankings. The role of On-Page SEO is to modify keywords and phrases that appear frequently in titles, URL’s, hyperlinks, headings and page content so as to enhance website visibility and increase in traffic so that search engine rankings shoot up. In short it is making sure that the website is as search engine friendly as possible or else there are less chances of getting good results.
  • There are many on-page factors that determine the search engine’s rankings:
  • Content of the page
  • A good content always grabs the attention of the target audience and thus is very important to a search engine. Hence a good content has two main features:
  • should be in demand

Should be linkable to different sites.

  • Proper linking
  • A web page should provide links to go back to the home page or link back to subcategory pages.
    Also there are few mistakes that can be committed while doing on-page optimization which leads to the decline of the search rankings. They are namely:
  • Duplicity of content
  • Duplicity of title tags
  • Many URLs for a same page
  • Many versions of the same site
  • Invalid code as search engines are unable to properly read a page

Hence on-page optimization if done accurately using the help of the above factors can help in getting good search rankings.

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